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Dear Applicants, Dear Prospective Co-worker,



It is our great pleasure to receive your interest in the position of county/local representative of our medical products!





We offer you a job opportunity where everyone can find his/her success and acclaim both in financial and personal terms. Our company, Europharma Medicin, Ltd. distributes a family of medical products that promotes the treatment of arthrosis with the most efficient agents known today. This disease affects more than 50% of the world's population in some way. Arthrosis is the abrasion and calcification of joints. Practically speaking it  can be considered as a lifestyle disease as the frequency of its appearances show a direct relation to the aging of society and the expansion of overweightedness and sedentary lifestyle. The clinical picture can already appear from the 30th year but more than 70% of the people over 65 years are struggling with the problem and according to the prognosis the number of arthritic patients can double by 2020.



The purpose of our health care product is to regenerate, stabilize and – through permanent treatment – cure the synovial fluid in between cartilage tissues. The disease affects a wide scale of society with the main risk factor on people of hard physical labour, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, professional sports (on account of heavy strain) and aging.

Unfortunately the fact of the matter is the disease has a higher risk ratio in women than men, for example the occurence of the arthrosis of knee-joints is four times as high and the frequency of small joint arthrosis is three times as high as in males. The reason for this is that female hormones influence the elasticity of joint ligaments.


An American research showed that female muscles are not able to to stabilize the knee joints in the same degree as male muscles during sports. As a result of this in sports involving jumping and potentially the sprain of knee joints the risk and occurence of knee injuries is eight times as high. To summarize: women and especially female athletes are strongly advised to use our product for enhancement and preventive purposes.Kép



After the brief description of our product let us get you acqauinted with the position of county/local representative.



Our company chooses to distribute the product via direct sales throughout the entire country, therefore, applications  for the position of local representative or head of representatives are welcome from all over the country.


The job involves directly offering the product to the above mentioned clientele and contacting pharmacies, herb stores, doctors, clinics and hospitals. Since unfortunately the occurence of the disease is utterly high we think the sale of this particular product comes with exceptional career and financial prospects. We are primarily looking for sub-contractors even though non-entrepreneurial background is not excluded. Until the payment of provisions and bonuses you are required to provide an invoice, and will   get assistance from us through education and personal advisory.


Kép The income is 20-30% of the net value of the quanitity sold, in which case the bonus is 10%. Additionally, dependning on the executive level the the base salary is 550-1250 € with a bonus provision after team achievement (team building is compulsory). Other allowances: cafeteria, company car usage after probation arrangements, laptop, cell phone.



Applicants are obliged to take a one-day course to gain the position.













Sales + Team Building = Higher Provisions!



Base provision after the price total of products sold: 20-30%!

All the colleagues building a team of at least two members where both him/her and the two team members already sold a base package will be entitled to 30% in provisions.

Base package: one flacon liquid cure and one jar of creme cure.

If you – as the leader of your group have another two members also selling any base packages within 3 months (meaning: the two above members recruit two extra members), will get an additional 5%.



Car support after three months. Representatives: 90 €

at least two team members + base performance


Local executive: 180 €

from at least 6 members, based on the monthly performance


Car support applies to your privately owned car!


According to the above performances you will be automatically eligible for the use of a laptop and cell phone!


Extra executive provision: +5% (from 15 members with base performance)




Team leaders are only eligible for the 5% bonus if their team performed their base package target sales in the specific month.



In case the performance level is maintained in the next 3 months, the team leader will be eligible for a monthly base-provision of 220 € in products.

At the end of the 3rd month: 660 €

After 6 months: 365   

(With the first 3 months paid the amount adds up to 1095 over the base-provisions after 6 months!) 






As part of our training it is inevitable to get to know and learn about the product as well as the sales technique organically associated and developed for the purpose, profit-based argumentation and objection handling. Learning the sales and marketing subject material is crucial to successful work.


On being found eligible for the position in reply to your CV you will be informed of the date of our public presentation where all information will be provided about oproduct, company and income and career opportunities.


Please note that in order to fill in the position you are required to participate in our training and pass an exam. After passing the exam you will be provided with free product samples that are essential to introduce to the clients.


You will be required to pay 50% of the product price, which will be added to your bonus and thus reimbursed at the first settlement. Unfortunately it is required on the basis of our prior experiences.


That means the job is 100% free! Considering the above practice we will provide you with a value of twice as much.


The 50% price of the product is 135 € + VAT that needs to be paid following the successful exam on acquiring the product with all the documentation.



Before we go on to the position in particular you need to know about the exceeding career opportunities of this job which stem from the vast number of patients of the disease who need this health care product and the efficient treatment it provides. There are no other companies in Hungary that could promote this way of healing or relief with the same efficiency as us. To support that our product involves the latest agents which can cure this painful disease in a unique way and return the pleasure in life.







Briefly about the disease


The friction-free motion of bones alongside each other is provided by the cartilage tissue covering joint surfaces and the synovial fluid filling the joint cavity. These chondric surfaces are being exposed to many damaging factors with aging. Though permanent load helps the metabolism and regeneration of cartilage, excessive strain and overexposure of the joints ignites opposite processes. The intensive stress of joint surfaces and the smaller injuries of cartilages can start degenerative courses that can even lead to the final devastation of cartilages and the development of the clinical picture referred to in the medical language as arthrosis (joint abrasion). In the course of aging similar to all binding tissues the collagenes construing the base substance of cartilage tissue lose water, therefore, the elasticity and loadability of cartilage is reduced. The elastic cartilage tissue gets soft and at places easy to crumble.