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To pharmacies, medicine stores and the owners of all stores distributing health care or medical products of sorts,




We have initiated a service where our regular customers own a Europharma Medicin, Ltd. medical voucher card. These clients join the system for reduced prices on our own products as well as other discounts at our partners. The above customers will have access to reduced prices in your stores after you have become a partner in our sales programme, which takes place through entering into a sales partnership agreement between our companies. The agreements can be signed via our sales representatives. This way we provide you with further customers who would probably not become your clients but through the sales partnership it is still be beneficial for them to shop in your store. What does the system mean? Europharma Medicin, Ltd., a country-wide company manufacturing and distributing medical goods signs an agreement with pharmacies that are willing to take its products for retail distribution. According to the agreement these products will be available for you with 30% discount but our customers exhibiting the medical voucher card will be entitled to a 10% price reduction (even in this case you will have a 20% retail price margin, which is considered very high). As part of the agreement you also assume a minimum of 2% price reduction on the sale of all other products you distribute. It is important, since the customer will not only buy our products in your stores but prescribed medicine and other health care products as well. The owners of these voucher cards are clients who become endorsed with such card by our company through its marketing and sales activity. Our clientele extend to the whole country as they sign agreements via one of the hundreds of our sales representatives. A client owning this card will not only be entitled to sales from the partner stores but also after the total sum of his purchase  and receives gift points after the amount paid. That is how they become double beneficiaries. About the amount of reductions after purchases and the way to become a card owner you can read under the Voucher Card section of the menu. According a company surveying customer behaviour voucher card owners spend 30% more in a stores where reduced prices are available through their card. All stores participating in our partner programme are obliged to display our sticker showing they accept our voucher cards in a place of good visibility. These stickers are provided to our partners by our company for free. Besides our website will cover the address and other information of these stores for our customers to see where they can find the nearest sales partner in their neighbourhood. Simultaneously we place the advertisements of these stores at the same place. The one-time fee of joining our partnership programme is 9 900 Fts, that includes signing the agreement, displaying the sticker, building up the IT and other technological background of our programme and displaying the advertisements. The system is simply great, because customers can buy cheaper, our partners generate extra income and more customers. Please, be a member of our programme and make a step against the poor ecomonic situation immediately.


Europharma Medicin, Ltd. wishes you all good business and financial success.