Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe

Kép Not a lot of people know that arthrosis (or in public language: joint damage) does not only take its toll on humans but this painful disease can occur in and affect almost all vertebrate animals. Our pets, for example German Shepherds have it as a quasi-hereditary disease or some intensely bred breeds can be born with it but all in all risk factors can be as high as 60%.Kép



Cats have the same sickness factors. Animal arthrosis disorders affecting and developing in horses must be treated with special attention. As horses are subject to considerable physical strain, the impact on the strains is also a lot bigger. As for racing horses, we think prevention cannot be avoided. Regarding the products available today, there is no fluid-based medical concoction with the effectivity of the Glükózkondro cartilage and joint regenerating liquid cure. It is a fact of science that the most effective animal treatments and remedies evolved from the most efficient products of human medicine. Don't let your family favourites suffer: all animals deserve a healthy life! If you see or experience that your pet is moving with difficulties, getting tired easily or  reacting to the usual walks with more sensitivity, taking it as a burden rather than pleasure, think of prevention or – if that is not possible anymore – try and prevent the disease from getting worse. Remember: the solution with the best active substances is GLÜKÓZKONDRO fluid cure.